A Brave & Very Fragmented New World

Are you ready for hundreds of distribution decisions?

eBook A Brave & Very Fragmented New World cover imageThere used to be a rhythm to distribution. As global date releasing became the norm, films around the world were available around the same time on the various windows.

Now, that long held peace is breaking at the seams. The sound of war is everywhere. The basic problem is that the exhibitors have nothing at all to gain from a shortened window, probably not even a dollar. If the viewer can see a film at home on a 70-inch screen at the same time they can watch it at the cinema, the box office will surely suffer. The shared viewing experience is not a sufficient enough incentive to buy a cinema ticket to see a film that is simultaneously available at home.

In this ebook we'll share that:

  • Not long ago the content distribution was very orderly - what happened?
  • A shortened window may be "thrown out the window"
  • Direct-to-consumer (DTC) is changing everything and what to do now

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