RLJ Entertainment Case Study 


RLJ Case StudyRLJ wanted to perform accurate analysis, trending, and forecasting globally, across all properties and all retailers. Furthermore on the finance side, at the end of each month RLJ had to manually manipulate the data to use for their accounting functions including recognizing revenue into their ERP system.

In this case study we will take a closer look at RLJ Entertainment's pain points, the approach Mediamorph took to analyzing the problem and what the outcome has been.

You'll see how implementation of Mediamorph's Content Value Management (CVM) platform helped RLJ Entertainment achieve

  • Time savings, with dozens of hours of Excel manipulation now spent on analysis and growing the business
  • Ability of finance team to export revenue reporting with just a few clicks
  • Ability to upload data directly into ERP systems, with full trail of documents for audit purposes.


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RLJ Case Study

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